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After dabbling in charcoal, ink, acrylic and studying oil painting for a couple of years, I discovered my old student set of soft pastels. Instant attachment!

That was the beginnin​g in 2016 of a love affair with this medium. Used through the ages from indigenous Australians through to the Renaissance, many masters have explored the expressive qualities of this vibrant and versatile medium.

Soft pastels are crushed minerals so are extremely light fast and are mixed with a small amount of colourless binder so they keep their shape. They are intense and subtle, bold and beautiful as they say! I work on paper called ‘sanded’ paper which is like a cardboard coated in fine sand grains which grips up to five layers of pastel which I apply.

My art practice includes a wide range of genres - the natural world, the urbanised space, wildlife, and abstracts.

I am a contemporary realist painter, designing my works to create atmosphere in the interiors of our spaces. 

I love detail and subtlety as well as drama in my subjects.

My hope is that my many collectors will get hours of pleasure looking at and into my works.

Enjoy your investigation of my site and I hope you find something you adore!

My works can be viewed at my Camden Studio. Phone 0418665164.

My next solo exhibition will be held at The Watch House , Balmain

Friday, 4th October to Monday, 7th October 2024.

179 Darling St, Balmain.

The Juggler

Between Reality and Oblivion


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